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«APL Patents»,

Lesi Ukrainki Blvd, 24, оffice 39, Kiev, 01133,Ukraine

+38(067) 444-57-82, +38(068) 761-47-47, +38(099) 635-80-40

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This site provides You information concerning the main activities of Company APL Patents and the services it offers.

APL Patents is a unique team of competent experienced professionals dedicated to serving the best interests of the client observing the highest professional and ethical standards. Our motto is to provide our client quick and highly-qualified services based on the complex approach to the solving of IP protection problems.

The cornerstone of our policy - to provide the most competitive prices at the highest quality standards.

APL Patents offers absolutely new approach in granting the best law-patent services.

APL Patents grants much more services of better quality unlike other companies working in this area do. The latter usually assist their clients only in performing some formal actions that are restricted, as a rule, by IP objects’ registration and maintenance of patent documentation.

The above described way of cooperation is neither aiming at risks minimization connected with IP rights infringements and with possible IP rights conflicts nor provides required readiness of the applicant to his IP rights protection. This is the reason why such services keep many clients unsatisfied.

APL Patents offers totally new level of granting law-patent services which meets up-to-date requirements and is based on the complex approach to creation, registration and protection of IP rights that belong to different Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Integrated services include the following:

  • Working with all, without any exception, objects of intellectual property rights, taking into account the possible complementary registrations and alternative solutions.
  • Accounting in the performance of each of the client's interests in respect of its own facilities and intellectual property rights, not directly related to carried out work.
  • Integrative approach to the registration and protection of intellectual property.
  • Comprehensive estimation of patentability of IP objects and approaches to its protection from the standpoint of industrial property rights and from positions of copyright and neighboring rights as well.
  • Conducting a comprehensive patent and information searches.
  • An integrated approach is the best way to protect the IP rights of the client, including his right to income.

APL Patents will make every possible effort to grant the best solution of Your problem!

Our actions speak louder than words!

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