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«APL Patents»,

Lesi Ukrainki Blvd, 24, оffice 39, Kiev, 01133,Ukraine

+38(067) 444-57-82, +38(068) 761-47-47, +38(099) 635-80-40

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Dear Clients! 

Legal-Expert Company APL Patents has the honor to offer you a unique range of services for expert assistance of your business in the field of IPR protection and combating IPR infringements.

Such complex of services is offered in Ukraine for the first time.


I. Expert services:

  • reviewing of the experts' reports on compliance to requirements of the legislation and to the examination methods;
  • expert consulting for the preparation of materials for forensic examinations, preparation of claims, appeals, cassations and traverses;
  • expert examinations of IP objects;
  • preparation and conducting of IPR evaluation;
  • consulting on the expertise’s possibilities and the formulation of questions before experts;
  • participation in trials as specialists (experts).

II. Expert-search services:

  • preparing and conducting of public opinion polls (for recognition of trademarks as well-known in Ukraine, trademark distinctiveness, etc.);
  • patent DB  searches (in Ukrainian, Russian or English) of objects that can be opposed to a certain IPR object (s);
  • Internet searches of verbal, combined and graphics (including trade names, domain names, copyright objects) objects that can be opposed to a certaine IPR object, including reference and other information;
  • Trademark Watch service;
  • Infringement Monitoring service;
  • searching in the DB "IP Monitoring" - APL Patents company DB, which contains information about objects that presumably infringe the IPRs or block their realization in Ukraine;
  • search of deleted site pages;
  • search of copyright infringements on web sites;
  • searches in Ukraine and abroad patent attorneys and patent firms which offer services at competitive prices with high quality standards.

III. Expert analytical and registration services:

  • complex expert-legal analysis of situations related to IPR for the development of prosecution of violator strategies and tactics or protection against unfounded claims of IPR infringement. Preparation of reports with the conclusions and recommendations based on the analysis results;
  • preliminary assessment of patentability of industrial property objects, and recommendations for their improvement, the registration of trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, inventions, utility models, selection achievements, domain names, copyrights;
  • consulting on the preliminary refusals.

Manager of the project - Ph.D., an expert with 30 years of experience, one of the founders of IPR objects examinations Ukraine, an author of over than 100 works in the field of expert examinations including IPR objects examinations 


Requests for prices and services please send to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full list of our services can be found at:

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