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Industrial designs
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Registration of Industrial Designs


Industrial Designs Objects

The object of an Industrial Design may be the shape, picture, or coloration, or their combination, which define the appearance of an industrial product.


Objects that may not be registered as Industrial Designs 

  • objects of architecture (except small architectural forms), industrial , hydrotechnical, and other stationary structures;
  • printed products per se;
  • objects of an unstable form consisting of liquid, gaseous, free-flowing, or alike substances.


Requisites of patentability

An Industrial Design is patentable if it is novel.


The scope of protection 

The scope of protection is determined by set of essential features of the Industrial Design which are represented on its image(s).


The kind and duration of the protection document 

The IP rights on an Industrial Design are certified by a Patent. The term of validity of a Patent - 10 years and this term may be extended by the request of the Patent holder but for not more than five years subject to payment of the state fee.


Industrial Design application must include: 

  • title of the design;
  • representation(s) of the Industrial Design (photos or drawings) containing all needed views;
  • description of the Industrial Design essential features;
  • name and address of the applicant(s)
  • name and country of residence of the designer(s)
  • documents confirming the convention priority (by request of the applicant), may be filed within three months;
  • filing fee payment confirmation (2 months)
  • Power of Attorney with the date of execution which is not later than the filing date.


Industrial Design patenting main steps

  • preparing and filing an application to the Patent Office made within 1-3 working days after receipt of order;
  • after the filing of the application within 1-3 working days copies of materials, stamped by the Patent Office, sends to a Customer;
  • State fee for filing an application must to be paid within two months from the filing date otherwise the application shall be treated as withdrawn;
  • after payment of the fee for filing an application the Patent Office issued an Official filing receipt with indicating the date of filing.
  • then the application passes the formal examination within 6 months;
  • where an application meets the requirements of the Law the Design shall be registered, provided that registration and publication fees and renewal fee has been paid within period of three months after receiving of the decision to grant a patent by the applicant’s attorney otherwise the application shall be treated as withdrawn;
  • Patent issued within 2-3 months after payment of the required fees. When you pay these fees, you must also pay the State fee for the maintenance of the patent for the first year.


Terms of registration

  • The standard procedure takes 6-8 months.
  • The accelerated procedure takes 1-2 months.
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